Fresh dog food, healthy dog snacks and activation toys for dogs

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Get MÆT s dog food from the best ingredients – delivered right to your door. Avoid the hassle of buying and picking up dog food.
We make it easy to be a dog owner and your dog will love you for it.

All our fresh dog meals

MÆT 's fresh dog food is made from carefully selected ingredients, which we combine to be able to offer your dog a complete meal with the healthiest nutrients, delicious taste and good energy.

  • Deli
  • Risotto

Delicious natural dog treats

The natural and pure Nordic ingredients are roasted in the oven until they reach a crisp and delicious consistency. Completely without preservatives

  • Dog snacks with Chicken
  • Dog snacks with Beef

Dog toys for activating your dog

MÆT 's dog toys can be used in combination with our fresh dog food and natural snacks to give your dog an active and challenging day

Tips and tricks

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Gentle food for dogs
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