Fresh dog food

Fresh Nordic ingredients, heated gently and refrigerated until eaten

Our fresh dog food

MÆT Frisk dog food is made from fresh, Nordic ingredients. The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure your dog gets a complete meal with all the necessary nutrients and the most delicious taste.

The fresh dog food is available in 6 flavors that are stored in the fridge, ready to serve.

Chicken Deli

Chicken Deli

Chicken, vegetables, etc.


– Suitable as a slimming food
– Grain-free
– Gluten-free

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chicken feast ingredients maet tall | MÆT Pets

Chicken Risotto

Chicken, rice, vegetables, etc.


– Suitable for sensitive stomachs
– Gluten-free

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pork deli tall maet | MÆT Pets

Pork Deli

Pork, vegetables, etc.


– Suitable as a slimming food
– Grain-free
– Gluten-free

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pork party tall maet | MÆT Pets

Pork Risotto

Pork, rice, vegetables, etc.


– Suitable for sensitive stomachs
– Gluten-free

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hundefoder med okse beef deli maet pets | MÆT Pets

Beef Deli

Beef, vegetables, etc.


– Suitable for active dogs
– Grain-free
– Gluten-free

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MÆT Dog food with salmon

Salmon Risotto

Salmon, rice, vegetables, etc.


– Suitable for active dogs
– Gluten-free

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Order our sample package or get regular deliveries on a subscription

Get MÆT s dog food from the best ingredients – delivered right to your door. Avoid the hassle of buying and picking up dog food.
We make it easy to be a dog owner and your dog will love you for it.

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What is fresh dog food?

vådfoder til hunde MÆT Pets

MÆT’s fresh dog food is a more natural meal, made with real meat and healthy vegetables from Nordic farms. The ingredients have been gently cooked to preserve as many nutrients as possible, increase food digestibility to a whopping 86% and eliminate the risk of bacteria.

The recipes are created by our dog nutritionist to ensure your dog gets what they need.

✅ Clean, high-quality raw materials
✅ A healthier alternative to dry and wet food
✅ Easier to absorb than traditional feed
✅ Healthy vitamins and minerals
✅ No preservatives

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A nourished (MÆT) dog is a happy dog

See all our Trustpilot reviews.

[konte_carousel slide=”3″ scroll=”1″ arrows=”center”][konte_testimonial image=”233988″ name=”Mathilde” company=”Owner of the dog Louis”]⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Thank you for your fantastic products! Louis has never had the big appetite and generally never eats very much. I then bought a roll MÆT to see if it could help on anything and it did!

Am very impressed. Louis has NEVER eaten all 3 meals but he does it every time I mix MÆT the products in the food. We will definitely be trying more of their products and would definitely recommend it to anyone.”[/konte_testimonial][konte_testimonial image=”238593″ name=”Julie” company=”Owner of the dog Freja”]⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“We are so pleased with the quality of the food. You can really smell that the food is fresh and of good ingredients, where you can still see some of the ingredients in the food such as chicken, pork, carrots and rice.

Freja undoubtedly MÆT , she can hardly keep calm when we start cooking. This is really dog food we recommend 🙂 “[/konte_testimonial][konte_testimonial image=”233989″ name=”Cecilie” company=”Owner of the dog Flemming”]⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Hold up it’s delicious for him! I’ve rarely seen him so excited. He could barely cut the food without complaining to get some… he could smell that something good was coming!

We’re a fan! We look forward to testing it on licking mats and in king. Here, we have all too often just used liver pate. So our conscience is a little clearer when we can put in quality feed like this.”[/konte_testimonial][/konte_carousel]

Your dog needs a complete diet


Dogs also need healthy and varied food. A complete meal consisting of the ultimate combination of the best ingredients. That’s exactly what MÆT ‘s fresh dog food is.

We have both gluten-free and grain-free recipes, and they contain no preservatives, colors or flavors. At MÆT, we make clean meals from healthy ingredients, so you can feed your dog with a clear conscience.

The ingredients are supplemented with specially selected vitamins and minerals, so that your dog gets a complete meal with all the nutrients it needs.

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MÆT a modern Wet Food dog
MÆT Chicken Risotto with chicken, carrots, peas, eggs and rice. We also make meals without rice.

Discover the benefits of fresh dog food

Clean and fresh ingredients mean your dog gets a delicious and healthy meal – every day!

Here are some of the improvements our four-legged customers have experienced after switching to fresh dog food:

✅ Better digestion
✅ More consistent and less bowel movements
✅ A more balanced energy level
✅ Better looking coat
✅ Healthier skin

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Not sure what to choose?
Order a sample pack so your dog can taste all the varieties of fresh dog food.

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Dog food with chicken

Chicken dog food is a healthy source of protein. In addition to being a great taste and smell experience for your dog, chicken is also extremely low in fat, which benefits especially active dogs and those who need to watch their weight. Our Chicken Risotto is also particularly good as a low-fat diet.

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Dog food with pork

Dog food with pork is great for dogs that have difficulty tolerating traditional protein sources. Pork is particularly suitable for dogs with dry skin and fur. This protein source is especially good for dogs that need extra energy, such as hunting dogs or active dogs that need to put on a little weight.

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Dog food with beef

Beef dog food is high in protein, low in fat and gluten-free. Dog food with beef is suitable for adult dogs and is also a good choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Beef provides your dog with high-quality protein and essential fatty acids.

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Dog food with salmon

Dog food with salmon provides essential vitamins and fatty acids that your dog needs on a daily basis. Salmon contains a lot of vitamin D and omega 3. Dog food with salmon is a great solution for dogs that often have dry fur or skin or even skin problems.

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Dietary supplements for dogs

VitaPetz products are developed according to natural and holistic principles, taking the dog as a whole into account. All products are formulated based on the latest studies and knowledge, with a holistic approach combined with VitaPetz’s passion – proper and species-appropriate nutrition for dogs.

Herbs have been used for millennia, long before the existence of Western medicine. Herbs are a natural approach to better wellbeing, supporting the body as nature intended.

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MÆT Meal Box - make everyday life easier

frisk hundemad levering

Life as a dog parent is busy, let us make it easier for you.

With a MÆT Dog Meal Box, you can subscribe to your dog’s favorite meals and have them delivered directly to your door.

We take care of all the practicalities. That way you don’t have to keep track of when you run out of dog food and you don’t have to lug it home on your shopping trip.

✅ More time for your dog
✅ Your dog gets good, healthy food every day
✅ Flexible, no-strings-attached subscription

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Buy in selected stores

Would you prefer to buy MÆT in a store? You can find our products at selected retailers.

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Questions and answers

What is MEAT fresh dog food?

MÆT’s fresh dog food is a more natural type of dog food, made from real meat and vegetables from Nordic farms. The ingredients have been prepared mildly so they are easier for your dog to absorb. The food contains no preservatives, colors or flavors.

MÆT is available in 500g rolls, refrigerated and ready to serve.

Read more about fresh dog food here.

Where can I buy MAET?

You can buy the products
individually here
or order a
meal box
with the products. You can also buy from our

Can puppies eat SAT of fresh dog food?

Yes. However, puppies have special needs in their diet, so you should supplement MÆT with a
dietary supplement

Your puppy can eat MÆT Deli meals from 4 weeks old, as these meals are extra soft and easy to chew. Once your puppy is 8 weeks old, they can also eat MÆT Risotto meals.

What is the difference between Deli and Risotto?

MÆT Deli meals consist of as much as 80% meat, supplemented with healthy vegetables. There are no grains or gluten in these meals.

MÆT Risotto meals consist of meat, rice and vegetables. The meal is gluten-free. Rice is great for creating a healthy balance in your dog’s gastrointestinal system.

How do I find nutritional content?

Fresh dog food from MÆT contains the raw materials’ natural nutrients, and we only add extra vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog a complete meal.

You can find the nutritional content, such as protein, fat and vitamin content on the individual product pages,
just click on the individual products here.

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