What is fresh dog food?

Our dogs need a healthy diet

What do you give your dog to eat?

We say no thanks to bad dog food and instead introduce MÆT s fresh dog food with healthy and nutritious ingredients.

We are dog parents with a passion for health. Together with a nutritionist, we have developed fresh dog food. If our own Lenni has better of fresh dog food, then he can not be the only one.

Your dog needs a healthy diet

Dogs also need a varied and healthy diet. A complete meal. And that’s exactly what MÆT ‘s fresh dog food is. The ultimate combination of carefully selected ingredients, which are filled with proteins and healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Our fresh dog food
Dry vs. Fresh, lightly heated dog food - MAET Pets

Fresh food is healthiest

And your dog will love you

Nordic raw materials

MÆT ‘s fresh dog food consists of fresh Nordic ingredients in high quality – both meat and vegetables. The food is easily heated to optimize uptake and eliminate the risk of bacteria.

Balanced meal

We have meticulously created meals with selected ingredients so that your dog gets the best sources of protein, carbohydrates and fiber in his daily diet.

No preservatives

MÆT ‘s fresh dog food contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, so you can feed your dog with a clear conscience.

The benefits of fresh dog food

There are many benefits to your dog when you replace your current food with fresh dog food.



Fresh dog food is a tasty meal with a delicious taste and smell experience. The healthy and quality-assured ingredients give your dog a delicious and fragrant meal, which is at the same time gentle on the human nose.


Due to the fresh ingredients and naturally high water content, fresh dog food has a high uptake of as much as 86%, which is much higher than traditional dry food of only 50%. The high uptake contributes to a better digestion, so you can save on dog waste bags.


With fresh dog food, you can wave goodbye to the lazy dog. The carefully calculated combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber gives your dog a stable blood sugar and better energy levels.

This is how we make fresh dog food

1️⃣ Based on evidence-based research. Together with a dog nutrition expert specializing in Canine Nutrition (MSc. Animal Science, University of Helsinki), we have developed well-balanced recipes that have the composition of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that a healthy dog needs.

2️⃣ All our ingredients are carefully selected from Nordic farms, as we believe that our four-legged family members deserve only the best.

3️⃣ With mild heating, we eliminate the risk of bacteria and ensure a high absorption while the raw materials retain their natural nutrients.

4️⃣ We supplement ingredients with extra zinc, iron, potassium chloride, copper, manganese, selenium, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and folic acid, so our dogs get a complete meal with all the nutrients they need.

Our fresh dog food
maet chicken | MÆT Pets

There is a big difference in dog food!

What do our dogs need to stay healthy and fit? It can be difficult to navigate around as a dog owner. Which feed provides the best nutrition?

Dry dog food

Dry food

Dry food / kibble are pellets with a high protein content and low water content, which makes it difficult for your dog to digest it. It is a boring taste and sensory experience.

👎 Processed with additives
👎 unopened forever
👎 opened several years
👎 Animal by-products
👎 3-12% liquid
👎 High in calories
. Boring taste experience
👎 Equivalent to fast food
✅ Cheap

Canned dog food

Wet food

Wet food has a higher liquid content, but can be full of additives and often has a lack of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the form of good vegetables.

👎 Cooked with additives
👎 Long shelf life at room temp.
👎 3-4 days opened
👎 Animal by-products
👎 Artificially added water (84%)
👎 High in calories
. Boring taste experience
👎 Slatten wet food
✅ Medium price

Raw meat dog food

Raw (barf)

Raw dog food consists primarily of meat and bones, but may also contain vegetables. Raw feeding has an increased risk of bacteria, such as salmonella, which can affect your dog's health.

👎 Raw if necessary. with bacteria
👎 Unopened a few months in the freezer
👎 Several months in the freezer
👎 Vegetables difficult to digest
✅ Naturally high liquid content
✅ Natural amount of calories
✅ Delicious taste experience
✅ Healthy ingredients
✅ Premium
👎 Must be thawed
👎 Risk of bacteria

Fresh dog food variant Pork Risotto

Healthy dog food

MÆT 's fresh dog food is the ultimate combination of carefully selected ingredients, which are filled with proteins and healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber.

✅ Lightly cooked without preserving
✅ Unopened 3 months in the fridge
✅ Opened 3-4 days, as usual. cold cuts
✅ Proper ingredients
✅ Naturally high liquid content
✅ Natural amount of calories
✅ Delicious taste experience
✅ Premium
✅ Healthy ingredients
✅ Ready to serve
✅ No risk of dangerous bacteria
✅ Today’s vitamins and minerals

Order fresh food

Honestly - would you eat your dog's food?

We all know the classic, boring dry food, which we are told is the best for our dogs – but which has an absorbability of only a few percent.

What if there was an alternative? We are talking about healthy and delicious food, where meat and vegetables create the optimal combination of nutrition for your dog!

You do not eat junk food every day – so why does your dog?


Nom, nom! Now the whole family eats healthy 🐶

Our meals are easy to digest, more nutritious and of course delicious. ‘Fresh’ is what sets our dog food apart from the rest.

Try our fresh dog food
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Frequently asked questions about fresh dog food

What ingredients and nutrients are there in fresh dog food?

Fresh dog food from MÆT consists of carefully selected ingredients in high quality from Nordic farms. Our dog food contains the natural nutrients of the ingredients, and we only add extra vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog a complete meal. In our meals you can find varieties with either chicken or pork supplemented with vegetables in the form of i.a. rice, seaweed, carrots, peas and spinach.

Find more information about the content of the different variants on MÆT ‘s product page

How much fresh dog food should my dog have?

Under our different variants on our product page, you can find information on how much fresh dog food your dog should have depending on its weight.

If you choose our Risotto meals, your dog should basically have 2.5% of its body weight distributed on its daily meals. If you choose our Deli meals, your dog should approx. 3% of its body weight.

If you combine fresh dog food with another diet, you can just give your dog 50-65% of the recommended daily dose.

What does fresh dog food cost?

The price is DKK 35 per. roll (500 g), whether you choose our Deli meals or our Risotto meals.

Depending on your dog’s weight, the daily price will change. If your dog weighs 5 kg, for example, it eats for approx. DKK 10 a day. It weighs 10 kg. it eats approx. for 21 kr. During the day. It weighs 20 kg. eat it for approx. 42 kr. A day, and weighs 30 kg. Eat it for approx. DKK 56 a day.

What additives are there in fresh dog food?

To ensure that our dogs get a complete meal with everything they need, we supplement the food with extra zinc, iron, potassium chloride, copper, manganese, selenium, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and folic acid.

In MÆT ‘s fresh dog food you will not find any preservatives or added flavors or colors.

Why should I choose fresh dog food for my dog?

With fresh dog food, you can give your dog a complete meal with all the nutrients your dog needs. You will not find any preservatives, flavors or colors in MÆT ‘s fresh dog food. In addition, it is gluten-free and allergy-friendly, and with the light preparation that retains the raw materials natural nutrients, there is a reduced risk of dangerous bacteria.

See our products here

How do I start with fresh dog food?

You can provide fresh dog food right from your dog’s puppy. If you switch to fresh dog food, we recommend that you give your dog fresh dog food gradually. Making the switch for the board can give your dog a bad stomach, as his stomach is not accustomed to the new diet.

Read how to get started with fresh dog food here

Should I add something to MÆT ‘s fresh dog food?

Fresh dog food from MÆT is a complete meal, where you basically do not need to add extra ingredients. However, we recommend that you add a little A38 or ymer if you have a growing puppy. It contributes extra calcium and phosphorus which is good for your growing puppy. If, on the other hand, you have a senior dog, we recommend that you add a little oil, such as fish oil, to help against any joint and fur problems.

Can I use MÆT for my picky dog?

At MÆT , we have extensive experience with discerning dogs who enjoy eating MÆT ‘s fresh dog food due to the fresh ingredients and healthy ingredients. At the same time MÆT ‘s fresh dog food smells good for the dogs, which contributes to a delicious taste and sensory experience.

Is fresh dog food allergy friendly?

MÆT ‘s fresh dog food is both gluten-free and allergy-friendly. However, there are a wide variety of food allergies, and if you suspect your dog has a food allergy, you should consult your veterinarian so you can make sure your dog’s diet consists of the right ingredients.

Read more about dog allergies

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