Chicken Deli

With 80% fresh chicken meat, spinach and seaweed, Chicken Deli is a natural and grain-free diet food due to its low fat content. A delicious meal especially suitable for dogs who need to watch their weight. Gluten and grain free.


CONTENTS: Chicken (80%) (meat, skin, organs), water, spinach (5%), pork gelatine, pea flour, potato fiber, seaweed (1%), vitamins and minerals.

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    Alba er vild med MÆT og forstår gang spiser hun op hver dag

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MÆT Chicken Deli - Et naturligt slankefoder til hunde

Daily dosage

Recommended daily dosage: 3% of the dog’s weight.

Weight / Recommended daily ration (approx.)
5 kg: 150-170g
10 kg: 300-350g
15 kg: 450-500 (equivalent to about 1 sausage)
20 kg: 600g
30 kg: 900g
35 kg: 1000g (equivalent to approx. 2 sausages)
40 kg: 1,200g

When dosing, take into account the dog’s activity, exercise, other nutrition and snacks.

" When we got the chance to try a new alternative dog food, we were happy! We appreciate the choice of raw materials, as the feed is not processed and therefore almost does not become more fresh.
It's great to make him happy with delicious, nutritious dog food when we get home. We can not recommend MEAT enough.

Now we have supplemented with MEAT for 2 weeks and we think we can feel his mood is balanced. He sleeps through, and thinks it is because he is full in a good way."

Gavin, and his cotontzu / shiton Pelle at almost ½ years

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MÆT Chicken Deli - et naturligt slankefoder til hunde

Natural slimming food for dogs with 80% meat and vegetables

Dog food with chicken is a lean source of healthy proteins. Spinach contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins K and E and magnesium, and seaweed is a natural source of iodine, which supports the thyroid gland and promotes coat and gut health.

Nutrition information

Chicken Deli is delicious grain-free dog food consisting of 80% meat and healthy vegetables.
Contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your dog needs.


Energi/Energy 4.2 MJ/kg 1003 kcal/kg
Protein ……………………….. 15.5%
Fat/Fat ………………………..8%
Fiber …………………………. 0.8%
Ash ……………………. 1.5%
Calcium ……………………… 0.21%
Phosphorus ………. 0.11%

Liquid content: 78.4%.
Meat content: 80% meat content

Naturally Contained Nutrients:

Vitamin A 3360 IU / kg, Vitamin D 605 IU / kg, Vitamin E 45 IU / kg, Vitamin C 3.4 mg / kg, Vitamin B1 0.5 mg / kg, Vitamin B2 1 mg / kg, vitamin B6 2.8 mg / kg, vitamin B12 0.9 μg / kg, biotin 8.7 μg / kg, niacin 39 mg / kg, pantothenic acid 2.3 mg / kg, folic acid 0.081 mg / kg, zinc 70 mg / kg, magnesium 520 mg / kg, sodium 1200 mg / kg, iron 12 mg / kg, copper 5 mg / kg, manganese 4 mg / kg, potassium 1.6 g / kg, iodine 430 μg / kg, iodine 430 μg / kg.

Of which added nutritional additives:

Vitamin D 450 IU / kg, Vitamin E 40 IU / kg, zinc 60 mg / kg, magnesium 320 mg / kg, copper 5 mg / kg, manganese 1.8 mg / kg, iodine 430 μg / kg.


Nordic raw materials

Fresh meat and vegetables

Filled with vitamins

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Single protein

High digestibility

No preservatives

Questions and answers

What's in the Chicken Deli?

Chicken Deli from MÆT is dog food with chicken (80%), as well as spinach and seaweed. There are no preservatives, dyes or flavors in it. The only additives in Chicken Deli are extra vitamins and minerals.

Why should I choose fresh dog food?

MÆT’s fresh dog food is made from the best Nordic ingredients. There are no preservatives or added dyes and flavors. Fresh dog food has been lightly cooked with sous vide, which increases your dog’s absorption of the food’s nutrients.

Fresh dog food has a much higher uptake than other types of dog food. If you think your dog deserves fresh, healthy and tasty food, try fresh dog food.

What is the difference between Deli and Risotto dog food?

There is no grain or gluten in MÆT’s Deli recipes. They have a low fat percentage, and are especially suitable for dogs that need to take care of their weight.

MÆT’s Risotto recipes contain rice, but they are still gluten-free. Rice is good for creating a good and healthy balance in dogs’ gastrointestinal system.

Both Deli and Risotto are made from fresh Nordic ingredients. They are free of preservatives, dyes and flavors. Only extra vitamins and minerals have been added.