How to get started with fresh dog food

Fresh dog food from MÆT is the most natural food you can give your dog. It has never been easier to give your dog food made from healthy and fresh ingredients without the risk of bacteria.

Man kan servere frisk hundemad for sin hund på mange måder; som fuldfoder eller som et sundt supplement. Ved fuldfodring skal man give sin hund den daglige anbefalede dosis, og hvis man bruger MÆT som supplement, kan det friske mad gives som en sund snack, en lækker treat eller sågar en godbid på gåturen.

Opskrifter af en hunde-diætist

Vores friske hundemad kan nydes af alle hunde. Det er lavet af en dygtig hundeernæringsekspert, som har udviklet opskrifterne ud fra, hvad en hunds daglige ernæringsbehov er. Det skal være nemt at fodre sin hund med frisk og sund hundemad. 

Fresh food is best - also for dogs

  • All recipes include fresh meat and healthy vegetables filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • There are no preservatives or additives in our fresh dog food.
  • The uptake of MÆT ‘s complete meals is as high as 86%
  • The water content is 56% and therefore has a natural fluid balance.
  • The fresh meals should be kept refrigerated as the food is fresh.
  • The shelf life of fresh dog food is 3 months unopened and 3-4 days opened in the fridge
  • MÆT ‘s Risotto recipe contains rice, which is especially good for the stomach
  • MÆT ‘s Deli recipe contains 80% meat and is especially good for those dogs that need a lot of protein and need to take care of their weight.

How do I start with MÆT ?

There is no need to worry or confuse. MÆT ‘s complete meals you take directly from the fridge and serve for your dog. It’s easy! Our recipes include fresh meat, vegetables – and our Risotto recipe has rice added for those dogs that need help keeping track of their stomachs or for the active puppy who needs extra energy.

Start instructions for complete feeding

When you need to start your dog with complete feeding of MÆT ‘s fresh and complete meals, we often recommend that you start quietly with the change. Some dogs can react violently with a bad stomach if you start abruptly, whereas other dogs do not notice any difference. If you want to start quietly, then you can just give your dog 10% of the recommended daily dose and combine it with 90% of its normal food.

Some dogs need a week or two to gradually transition to complete feeding with MÆT , whereas others may do so in a few days.

How much food should a dog have?

An adult dog that is fully fed with MÆT must have approx. 2.5-3% of its body weight in fresh dog food daily. If you give your dog our Risotto recipe, the recommended daily dose is around 2.5%, and with our Deli recipe 3% of the dog’s body weight.

However, all dogs are different and may have different needs depending on age, activity level and metabolism, so as a dog owner you must be aware of your dog’s health.

Dog breed

Dogs can be very different and therefore also have different needs when it comes to food. For example, a small dog breed does not need as much food as a large dog breed. One must also keep in mind that small dogs have a higher metabolism than large dogs, so they need more calories per serving. kg than larger dogs.

Your dog’s energy level

One can take two different dog breeds that weigh the same and they may have vastly different food needs due to their energy level. So active dogs need a diet that contains more fat than other dogs. Therefore, as a dog owner, you need to be aware of what breed of dog you have, its energy level and its lifestyle.

Feeding puppies and senior dogs

Puppies are very active and therefore also quickly burn the calories they get during a day. In addition, puppies grow fast and need a balanced diet rich in all the essentials, such as. proteins, fats and certain vitamins and minerals. Puppies need extra calcium and phosphorus for their growing bones. It is therefore good to supplement with A38 or ymer. You can also buy decidedly puppy food as a supplement.

You can read more about puppy feeding here.

Of course, an adult dog also needs a varied and balanced diet to achieve a healthy and active life, whereas a senior dog who is not as active needs less food and a lower fat intake to maintain weight.

As dogs get older, they are more prone to certain diseases, just like us humans. These diseases can e.g. be kidney diseases or urinary tract infections, and as a dog owner you must be aware of changes in your dog’s behavior and ability. Be sure to give an extra supplement of oils, such as omega3 for any joints and fur problems.

Should I add something to MÆT meals?

MÆT is a complete food for all dogs regardless of breed, gender, age or activity level, but if you have a growing puppy, remember to add a little extra calcium and phosphorus in the form of A38 or ymer. If, on the other hand, you have a senior dog, remember to pay attention to giving an extra supplement of oils for any joints and fur problems.

Grain-free dog food - MÆT Chicken Deli

What about my super picky dog?

We at MÆT extensive experience with picky dogs. They are picky eaters, right up until they try our fresh dog food. The reason for this must be that we use fresh ingredients and healthy ingredients that smell incredibly good in the dogs’ noses and taste great, and the food bowl is therefore emptied in record time.

You can possibly postpone the meal before adding MÆT to ensure that your dog is extra hungry and has a good appetite when trying fresh dog food for the first time.

How many times should a dog have food?

It is recommended that you feed your adult dog twice daily, morning and evening. The reason for this is that the nutrition is distributed more evenly and it is best for the dog’s digestion to be fed twice a day than once a day.

how many meals should a dog have?

In addition, make sure that your dog is fed at about the same time each day as this helps to give your dog a healthy digestion.

dogs eating from a bowl | MÆT Pets

Try fresh dog food

MÆT ‘s fresh dog food can be given to all dogs regardless of breed, gender, age, activity level, even though it was originally made for the ordinary adult dog. MÆT is described as a complete complete food meal, but we point out that some dogs – depending on age and condition – may need extra supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals or oils.

Serving a complete, fresh meal for your dog has never been easier!

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