Chicken Neck – Chicken necks

Chicken necks for dogs are pure pampering in a healthy way. Dogs of all sizes will love to sink their teeth into the dried meat – either as a chew for smaller dogs or as a quick snack for larger dogs.

  • 100% natural, Nordic quality talk
  • Nothing artificial, just pure chicken
  • Cleanses the teeth and strengthens the masticatory muscles
  • Good for the dog’s joints
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Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 20 cm

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Hvilken type protein?



Dried chicken neck

Protein percent





Dry at room temperature.


Reduce to smaller pieces or serve as is. The dog should always be supervised during feeding and have access to water.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Chicken Neck – Chicken necks

  1. Danish


    Lækre sprøde kyllinghalse til hunde som vores Lenni er helt vild med

  2. Danish

    Katinka Knibbe

    Spirit og jeg træner mange tricks, engang i mellem synes Spirit det er svært at lære noget nyt. Så tager jeg mæt chicken necks frem og går det hele meget nemt. Spirit er superglad for de sprøde chicken necks, det er helt klart ynglingssnack her hos os.

  3. Danish

    Viktoria Bindslev

    Virkelig lækre godbidder! Lilo elsker elsker elsker dem! Det er så galt, at hun har lært at åbne snackskuffen for at få fat på dem

  4. Danish

    Trine Reinholt

    Rigtig lækre og sprøde snacks, som altid får vores hund Hermann helt op at ringe – han drøner ind i sin kurv (snack-spottet) og sidder parat, lige så snart man finder posen frem! En god snack til lidt hyggelig tyggetid 🐶

  5. Danish


    Måske ikke det lækreste i menneskeøjne! Men hundeøjnene her i huset ELSKER disse godbidder. Vi bruger dem, når vi rigtig skal hygge os. Albus får julelys i sine hundeøjne og bliver helt nydende rolig!

    Stor anbefaling herfra!

  6. Danish

    Sandra Musone

    Perfekt snack, hvis du vil have en større belønning, der er nem at tygge. Jeg plejer at give det, før jeg går hjemmefra for at holde dem beskæftiget.

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dog snack Chicken Neck - Chicken necks for dogs

A dog snack that is good for the teeth

Dried chicken necks for dogs – also called chicken necks – are an easy and natural way to clean their teeth. So if you want to keep the doggie’s bits clean and fine, MÆT Chicken Neck can help.

When the dog chews and crushes the chicken neck with its teeth, plaque is removed from the surface of the teeth. That way, our crispy dog snack helps keep our teeth free of tartar and plaque.

As the natural, dried chicken meat makes the dog use its teeth, this snack also helps to strengthen the chewing muscles.

Chicken necks for dogs – when your dog really needs to be pampered

We call MÆT Chicken Neck a “cozy chewing snack”, because it is perfect when your dog needs to have fun and chew on something good. Many dogs find it relaxing to chew, and with a delicious chicken neck, it can hardly get any better.

This dog snack has a higher fat content than our other snacks, making it ideal for when your dog really needs to be pampered.

Our chicken necks for dogs measure approximately 9 cm. Of course, the smaller your dog is, the longer this snack will last. It therefore works mostly as a chewing bone for smaller dogs and as a faster snack for larger dogs. However, all sizes will love the delicious taste and texture.

Chicken necks for dogs
healthy treats for dogs

Healthy treats for dogs

If you are looking for healthy treats for dogs, our dried chicken necks are a good choice. Snacks / treats from MÆT are 100% natural without preservatives or additives, so you can pamper your four-legged friend with a clear conscience.

Protein is one of the most important building blocks for the dog’s body, and chicken neck contains over 50% protein – completely natural. In addition, chicken neck has a naturally high content of chondroitin and glucosamine, and this dog snack is therefore good for the dog’s joints.

Dogs love treats, and we love our dogs, so why not make sure they put their teeth into something that is both good inside and out? With our healthy treats for dogs, you can reward your four-legged friend with a nutritious, natural snack.

Grain-free dog treats

MÆT Chicken Neck are grain-free dog treats that are suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. You will not find either grain or gluten in our treats / snacks – the only ingredient is dried chicken neck, also called chicken neck.

Since many dogs can not tolerate grains, you can feel safe as an owner when you feed with 100% natural and grain-free dog treats. With just one ingredient, you can be sure that there is nothing hiding that your dog can not tolerate. Natural treats / snacks are also easier for the dog to digest.

grain-free dog treats
Kyllingehalse til hunde

Why give chicken necks to dogs?

Because of their crispy texture, dogs love to eat chicken necks. At the same time, oven-roasted necks are particularly good for dogs’ oral health due to their crunchy chewing properties.

Chicken tails are a rich source of fat, protein and are also high in calcium. They are an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin and also improve the dog’s joint health. Calcium is important for bones. Protein helps with muscle development and tissue repair.

Taurine, which is an aminoethanesulfonic acid, is also present in chicken throat, which helps with heart and eye health and also supports the immune system.

MÆT Homestyle snacks

Chicken Neck is part of the MÆT “Homestyle” series , which consists of natural, oven-baked dog snacks. Each snack variant contains only one ingredient: Delicious, Nordic chicken.

There is no need for additives or anything artificial, as the high quality of the chicken meat gives lots of natural taste and aroma. All we have done is dry it in the oven so that each snack becomes nicely crispy. The treats are packed in a resealable bag, which is easy to take with you on a walk or for dog training.

✅ 100% natural, dried chicken
✅ High quality Nordic ingredients
✅ Grain-free and gluten-free
✅ No additives or preservatives

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Product information

INGREDIENTS: Dried chicken neck.

Protein 52.8%
Fat 28.6%


INSTRUCTIONS: Reduce to smaller pieces or serve as is. The dog should always be supervised during feeding and have access to water.

STORAGE: Dry at room temperature.

Chicken Neck dog snack

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