Popular dog names

Have you become the lucky owner of the world’s cutest puppy, and are you missing the perfect dog name for it? Dear puppy has many names and it can be difficult to find the right dog name. We have created a guide with some of the most popular dog names so you can find the perfect name for your new best friend.

How to find the right dog name

There are many cute dog names out there and it can be hard to choose between them all. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of when choosing a dog name.

1. Choose short names

It is a good idea to choose a short name because it is easier for your dog to understand. Feel free to choose a name for one or two syllables so that they do not become too long. Giving your dog a short name that he can understand will make it easier for you to train him in obedience. Another advantage of short dog names is that they can be on the dog tag.

2. Choose a name based on your dog’s characteristics

If you are completely bare in terms of choosing your new wagging friend’s name, then you can choose a name based on its characteristics and personality. Lunter it for example a little when it goes, the name could be Lunte . It could also be that your puppy has a characteristic spot, so the name could be Spot . Other ideas for distinctive and cute dog names could be:

  • Pjevs (han / hun)
  • Fluffy (he / she)
  • Klunte (he / she)
  • Bass (he / she)
  • Ghost (he / she)
  • Wolf (han)
  • Faithful (he)
  • Quick (he)
  • Wax (male)
  • Wild (she)
Popular dog names for dogs with special characteristics

Dog names bitch

If you want to give your new family member a cute and classic dog name, then there are a wide variety of names that are popular dog names for bitches. There are both the classic names from famous movies, such as Lady and Lassie . In the movies and books you can find great inspiration for classic and familiar dog names. You can also explore in a name book for children, where you can find inspiration from popular girl names.

  • Laika
  • Molly
  • Mille
  • Maggie
  • Donna
  • Liva
  • Bailey
  • Daisy
  • Bella
  • Lassie
dog names bitch

Dog names he

Many dog names are classic dog names that are passed down again and again in generation after generation. But trends can still be seen within he dog names. Among other things, it is popular to give your male dog an old classic boy name, such as Walter , Sofus , Preben , William or Gunnar . Other suggestions for popular dog names for males:

  • King
  • bully
  • Max
  • Felix
  • Viggo
  • Pongo
  • Fido
  • Marley
  • Jack
  • Charlie
Dog names he

Dog names with meaning

Many people choose to give their dogs a name with meaning. But what is a meaningful name? A dog name with meaning can be a name that means a lot to you personally. Maybe you’ve had dogs before with the same name, or maybe you want to name your dog after a human who has meant a lot to you. Significant dog names can also come from historical figures or fictional characters from your favorite movie or TV series that have influenced your life.

Dog names with meaning can also be found in nature. If you are a nature lover, you can try a walk in the woods or in the garden and find inspiration for good and meaningful dog names.

If you have a few names in mind, you can also examine the meaning of the names , and choose based on their meaning.

Suggestions for dog names with meaning:

  • Nova (female) – comes from “supernova”, which is the phenomenon where a star explodes.
  • Rose (female) – after the flower.
  • Lily (female) – after the flower lily.
  • Lady (she) – from Lady & Vagabonden.
  • Luke (he) – after b.la. Luke Skywalker and Lucky Luke.
  • Caesar (male) – after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.
  • Arthur (male) – after the British King Arthur.
  • Pluto (male) – after the dwarf planet and Mickey Mouse’s dog.
  • Rocky (male) – after the movie character Rocky.
  • Sirius (male) – after the star Sirius – also called the dog star.
popular dog names

Dog names Nordic mythology

If you want your dog to have a special, but still familiar name, then there is plenty of opportunity for inspiration in, among other things, Nordic mythology. Here the names are familiar, but many of them are still special. It is the perfect cocktail for a dog name that both stands out while being familiar. Ideas for popular dog names from Nordic mythology:

  • Balder (he) – God of justice.
  • Thor (he) – God of War.
  • Frej (he) – God of agriculture, prosperity and fertility.
  • Loki (male) – Giant in Asgård.
  • Odin (he) – King of the Nordic gods.
  • Freya (she) – the goddess of fertility
  • Sif (she) – Goddess of harvest and wealth.
  • Frigg (she) – Odin’s wife and balanced ift. wisdom.
  • Idun (female) – Fertility goddess and goddess of youth
  • Saga (she) – Seerke in Nordic mythology.
dog names Nordic mythology

Ideas for untraditional dog names

Some dog owners want to give their dog a unique dog name because it makes them stand out from the pack. The unconventional dog names can also have a meaning for the owner as they can be a reference to a movie, character or other. With an untraditional dog name, you have the opportunity to be extra creative when it comes to naming your new best friend. Ideas for non-traditional dog names:

  • Gin (han)
  • Kodiak (han)
  • Yeti (han)
  • Ryder (male)
  • Jagger (he)
  • Birdie (hun)
  • Breeze (female)
  • Keke (hun)
  • Rain (hun)
  • Sheena (hun)
Unique and popular dog names

Foreign popular dog names

If you want a name that can both stand out but at the same time be a common name, you can find rich inspiration in foreign dog names. In both Spanish dog names, English dog names, Italian dog names and French dog names, there are many popular suggestions for relatively common names in their respective languages, but which could also stand out in Denmark. In some places, the dog names originate from important places, such as Greenlandic dog names. Ideas for foreign popular dog names:

Spanish dog names

  • Carmen (hun)
  • Marta (hun)
  • José (han)
  • Pablo (han)

French dog names

  • Oliver (male)
  • Louie (han)
  • Belle (hun)
  • Noelle (hun)

Italian dog names

  • Dolce (hun)
  • Luna (hun)
  • Dante (han)
  • Lupo (han)

English dog names

  • Alfie (han)
  • Archie (han)
  • Poppy (hun)
  • Tilly (she)

Greenlandic dog names

  • Melville (male)
  • Disco (male)
  • Sisi (hun)
  • Mara (hun)
Foreign popular dog names

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Frequently Asked Questions – Popular Dog Names

What is the best dog name?

When naming your little puppy, it is a good idea to choose a short name with a maximum of two syllables. A dog has an easier time understanding, reacting and obeying a short name. There are many good and short dog names, whether you want to give your dog a traditional or an untraditional name.

Find inspiration for the best dog name here .

What should I keep in mind when buying a puppy?

There are several things that you need to be aware of before buying a puppy. First and foremost, make sure you have the time to care for and train your puppy. A puppy requires a lot of work and attention.

Get five tips for acquiring a puppy .

Where can I find inspiration for dog names?

You can find inspiration in many places – from nature, films, TV series, literature, name books and mythologies, such as Nordic mythology. Some also find inspiration from specific places, such as a fjord, a mountain or a planet. You can find inspiration for dog names all around you, and unlike names for humans, there are no limits to creativity.

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