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Frequently Asked Questions About MÆT : Fresh dog food

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please send an email to [email protected] or use our chat on the website.

What is fresh dog food?

MÆT makes fresh, lightly prepared dog food for your dog because it is the best kind of nourishment you can give your dog. Our fresh dog food is a complete meal consisting of both meat, vegetables, rice (in the risotto meals), vitamins, minerals and fiber, which have been lightly prepared to optimize the dog’s digestion of the food.

Our fresh dog food needs to be kept refrigerated to keep it fresh, but it can also be frozen if needed. Because MÆT ‘s fresh dog food does not contain preservatives, flavors or colors, your dog gets a completely clean meal product that is healthy and easy to absorb.

Unlike ordinary dry food, which has an uptake of just 50%, fresh dog food has an uptake of as much as 86%, because it is precisely healthy ingredients that are easily prepared.

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what’s in MÆT fresh dog food?

A dog nutritionist has developed all the recipes for our fresh dog food. She has carefully taken into account the dog’s primary nutritional needs, the best ingredients and the distribution of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber, so that your dog gets the best combination of ingredients.

All our raw materials come from Nordic farms, and are of high quality. There are no preservatives, flavors or dyes in MÆT ‘s products. We only add extra vitamins and minerals so that your dog gets the right amount of nutrients in his meals.

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How do we make fresh dog food?

Our healthy dog food is made with fresh ingredients from Nordic farms. Our recipes have been developed by dog nutritionists to contain all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber our dogs need.

When all the fresh ingredients arrive at our kitchen from the Nordic farms, they are prepared, packed in their packaging and steamed (sous vide) until they reach a temperature of 85 ° degrees. This easy preparation of the raw materials means that the uptake of all the nutrients is as high as 86%.

MÆT s fresh dog food contains no preservatives. We only add extra vitamins and minerals.

The meals have a maximum shelf life of 3 months in the fridge (+5 degrees). Once the meal has been opened, it can stay in the fridge for 3-4 days.

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why does MÆT make fresh dog food?

We started making fresh dog food because we discovered that the concept “fresh dog food” did not exist in Denmark. We even lacked healthy and nutritious dog food for our own dog, Lenni.

Like many other dogs, Lenni can not tolerate processed dry food that is drained of water and filled with preservatives. When we lived abroad it was no problem to find fresh dog food with healthy ingredients, but when we came back to Denmark, we could not find fresh dog food in some places.

That is why we have chosen to bring fresh dog food to Denmark, so that more dogs like Lenni have the opportunity to have a healthy and nutritious meal every single day with all the nutrients they need.

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How much fresh dog food should my dog have?

There is a table on each product page where you can see how much fresh dog food your dog should have daily depending on its weight.

However, you can always assume that if your dog is fully fed with our delicious Risotto meals, then it must have the equivalent of 2.5% of its body weight daily divided by the number of meals it receives per day.

If, on the other hand, it is fully fed with our healthy Deli meals, then it must have 3% of its body weight daily distributed over the day’s meals.

In case you want to combine fresh dog food with another type of dog food, you should just feed your dog with approx. 50-65% of the recommended daily dose depending on your dog’s activity, exercise and snacks.

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Can my puppy eat MÆT fresh dog food?

Yes, it can. Puppies can eat our Deli meals from the age of 4 weeks and our Risotto meals from the age of 8 weeks. Depending on the breed, a puppy should have 5-8% of its body weight. You can read more about puppy feeding here .

Can my senior dog eat MÆT ?

Yes, MÆT is a complete meal, but of course you have to remember to add the supplements the aging dog needs.

Is MÆT raw / BARF?

MÆT is easily cooked, as our dogs can thus absorb as much as 86% of the food and all bacteria are eliminated during cooking. High quality BARF with meat and vegetables is also good – and much better a dry food, but MÆT is a complete meal that is ready to be served with all the nutrients your dog needs. You just take the sausages out of the fridge and feed your dog.

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where to buy MÆT ?

You can buy MÆT in selected stores, see the entire dealer list here . You can also order our dog meal boxes here on the site with home delivery to your door.

HOW TO SWITCH TO MÆT Fresh dog food?

It is no problem to switch from other dog food to MÆT . We recommend that you gradually increase the amount of MÆT each day while gradually reducing the current feed.

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What type of MÆT dog food is right for my dog?

MÆT believes that fresh dog food can make a huge difference to your dog’s health. The choice between our various MÆT recipes depends on the individual needs and preferences of you and your pet. All our products are suitable for all breeds of dogs, it depends only on your personal preferences.

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How often should I feed my dog?

One feeding / meal a day may well be sufficient for an adult dog. If your dog has a tendency to get heartburn or “vomit on an empty stomach”, it is a good idea to divide the food into several portions and offer the largest of them overnight. As long as the total amount of food does not become too large, which can result in obesity, there can easily be more feeding times during the day.

Often, dog owners intuitively feel that there should be more feeding times, and dogs love the idea of more food, which often results in it sitting and begging at the table.

If you are in doubt about the right amount of food, then the dog’s lifestyle and well-being can tell more about this. You must be able to feel the ribs under the skin by soft touch, and there must not be a thick layer of fat on top of the back and buttocks.

A few rules of thumb about consuming dog food:

– When it is cold outside, dogs consume more energy than when it is hot, which means that dogs eat more in the winter.
– Hormone activity and pregnancy also affect consumption and appetite.
– The dog’s activity level naturally also uses the energy needs. A relaxed couch dog needs less food than an active and energetic dog.

How long do the sausages last when they are unopened?

We heat the fresh dog food so that it can stay unopened for a maximum of 3 months from the production date. When you receive the products, they will typically be able to last a ml. a few weeks to 1.5 months.

The products stay fresh for 3-4 days when opened and refrigerated. They must always be refrigerated, as there are no artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors added. You can therefore serve the fresh dog food with a clear conscience.

Can you freeze MÆT ?

Yes, you can easily freeze the fresh dog food down. The Deli in particular are good for freezing.

If you want to stimulate your dog in relation to feeding, you can for example fill a KONG with fresh dog food and freeze it until the food is semi-hard, thereby challenging the dog on all senses and knowledge. Read more about fun ways to feed .

The Consumer Council THINK writes that ready-made dishes can stay in the freezer for 1-3 months, so we recommend the same period for our dog food.

Why do your products have a short shelf life?

Short shelf life is just one example of the fact that our food is fresh and of high quality without preservatives, and therefore must be eaten immediately. Just like the delicious foods you buy yourself, our dog food should also be in the dog’s stomach right away.

Our food is complete meals and you can give your dog ml 2.5-3% of its body weight depending on the recipe.

Who has prepared / composed your meals?

We have collaborated with dog nutrition experts from the University of Helsinki specializing in Canine Nutrition (MSc. Animal Science). Read more about how we make fresh dog food here:

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