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Dog toys

MÆT toys to activate your dog

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The best dog toys: Good and safe materials

If you want to stimulate your dog in a healthy way, then you have come to the right place. At MÆT you will find a rich selection of activity toys that can be used with our fresh dog food and treats.

When choosing dog toys, you should consider what materials they are made of. It is also important to buy toys that fit your dog’s size to prevent large dogs from swallowing small parts.

King Dog Toys filled with MÆT Pets

Activity toys

The activation toy can keep your dog and puppy entertained while eating our fresh dog food or natural dog snacks.

✅ The dog experiences a satisfying chewing experience, while the dog is activated when the toy jumps around without breaking.
✅ Puzzle toys help stimulate dogs’ brains to support healthy growth
✅ Fill with fresh dog food or treats and freeze for prolonged play.
✅ Non-toxic and dishwasher safe


dog licking mat LickiMat MAET Pets

Licking mat for dogs

A lollipop mat is a wonderful activity toy for your dog, as it both stimulates and has a calming effect.

✅ When the dog licks on the mat, soothing endorphins are released that make your dog relax.

✅ The lollipop mat can be filled with our delicious fresh dog food. You can possibly freeze the mat down so the activity takes even longer. This is also perfect for a hot summer day.

Lollipop and LickiMats

  • Lickimat MEET PetsLickiMat Tuff Buddy dog licking matLickiMat Tuff Buddy dog licking mat

    LickiMat Tuff Buddy dog licking mat

    99,00 kr.
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Plush and bite toys

It can be difficult to find dog toys that last for a long time, as the dog’s nature is to peel off ears and other things. We are therefore developing dog toys consisting of healthy natural materials that do not harm the dog.

  • Dinosaur toy Dennis the Dapper Dino

    Dennis the Dapper Dino

    125,00 kr.
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  • Unicorn Dog Toys Una the Urban Unicorn

    Una the Urban Unicorn

    125,00 kr.
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  • Dog Toys Duck - MÆT Darth Duck

    Darth Duck

    125,00 kr.
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  • Buster Beau Wooly HareHolly the Holy Hare

    Holly the Holy Hare

    125,00 kr.
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  • Foxy the fox dog toys MÆT

    Foxy the Farmer

    125,00 kr.
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  • Buster & Beau Wooly Pony activity toy

    Tony the Pony

    99,00 kr.
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