MÆT Sample Pack

In our trial pack, your dog can taste all 6 delicious flavors of fresh dog food and a natural snack. Order MÆT fresh dog food online and have it delivered right to your door.

✅ Made with real meat and healthy vegetables
✅ Nordic ingredients with delicious taste and scent
✅ Complete food: Contains all the nutrients your dog needs
✅ Single purchase without subscription

The sample pack contains

6 rolls of fresh dog food (500g) and 1 natural snack. Read what the rolls contain here.

Please note that you are not always guaranteed all 6 variants, as we sometimes run out of some of them. Therefore, you may receive several of the same variant. However, we strive to maintain a varied inventory to ensure your dog’s happiness and satisfaction.

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MÆT Pets fresh dog food subscription

Less processed – more natural dog food

With fresh dog food from MÆT , you can give your dog a less processed and more natural meal with lots of taste, aroma and nutrition. There are no preservatives or added dyes and flavors in the food.

Our meals are made from fresh meat and vegetables from Nordic farms, which ensures high-quality ingredients. The ingredients are gently heated, which preserves as many nutrients as possible, increases food digestibility to 86% and eliminates the risk of bacteria. The ingredients are supplemented with specially selected vitamins and minerals, so that your dog gets a complete meal with all the nutrients it needs.

Read more about our fresh dog food here.

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A satisfied (MÆT) dog is a happy dog

Meal box

How much MÆT should your dog have?

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The best dog food is fresh

Switch to fresh dog food with real meat and healthy vegetables packed with vitamins.

  • Our Deli meals are grain-free dog food with lots of meat (80%).
  • Risotto meals contain healthy carbohydrates and are particularly suitable as gluten-free dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

All meals are 500g and can stay fresh for 2-3 days after opening.

Chicken Deli

Chicken Deli

Chicken, vegetables, etc.

– Suitable as a slimming food
– Grain-free
– Gluten-free

chicken feast ingredients maet tall | MÆT Pets

Chicken Risotto

Chicken, rice, vegetables, etc.

– Suitable for sensitive stomachs
– Gluten-free

pork deli tall maet | MÆT Pets

Pork Deli

Pork, vegetables, etc.

– Suitable as a slimming food
– Grain-free
– Gluten-free

pork party tall maet | MÆT Pets

Pork Risotto

Pork, rice, vegetables, etc.

– Suitable for sensitive stomachs
– Gluten-free

hundefoder med okse beef deli maet pets | MÆT Pets

Beef Deli

Beef, vegetables, etc.

– Suitable for active dogs
– Grain-free
– Gluten-free

MÆT Dog food with salmon

Salmon Risotto

Salmon, rice, vegetables, etc.

– Suitable for active dogs
– Gluten-free

hund slikker maden 2 | MÆT Pets

A rich sensory and taste experience

Fresh dog food from MÆT has lots of taste and aroma that caresses the dogs’ senses. It’s just like the teeth run in water! That is why MÆT is also popular with many discerning dogs, who feel like eating back when the traditional and highly-processed food is replaced with a fresh, delicious and nutritious meal.

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Treats for dog training

Get a healthier dog – MÆT is dog food for dogs with delicate stomachs

Since MÆT does not contain any preservatives, your dog gets a clean and healthy meal. The fresh ingredients have plenty of nutrition and a natural water content. This gives the food a high absorption (86%), which contributes to a better digestion, a more balanced energy level and a nice coat. Your dog will thank you.

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From dog parents to dog parents

sebastian krumhausen maet e1660765711153 | MÆT Pets

As dog parents, we say “No thanks to bad dog food”. Our dogs deserve healthy and fresh quality food – just like us. Food is very important for your dog’s health.

We started MÆT because our dog Lenni had become accustomed to freshly produced dog food when we lived abroad and we could feel the food’s positive effect on him. At home in Denmark, we could not find fresh dog food in some places, and therefore we took matters into our own hands.

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Questions and answers

Why do you need 6 rolls?

As we ship with food-approved transportation, the cost is higher than e.g. regular postal delivery. That’s why we’ve created a trial pack with 6 products and 1 bag of snacks. Then your dog can taste all 6 flavors of fresh dog food.

You can also choose to
order products individually
so you can decide the quantity yourself.

Can I have it delivered regularly? (subscription)

Yes, try our fresh dog food with a flexible, no-obligation subscription. You can find the subscription (dog meal box) here.

Why should I choose fresh dog food?

MÆT’s fresh dog food is made from the best Nordic ingredients. There are no preservatives or added dyes and flavors. Fresh dog food is easily prepared with sous vide, which increases your dog’s absorption of the food’s nutrients.

Fresh dog food has a much higher uptake than other types of dog food. So if you think your dog deserves fresh, healthy and tasty food, try fresh dog food.

How do I find nutritional content?

Fresh dog food from MÆT contains the raw materials’ natural nutrients, and we only add extra vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog a complete meal.

You can find the nutritional content, such as protein, fat and vitamin content on the individual product pages,
just click on each product here.

Should I choose dog food with or without rice?

Rice is a healthy, gluten-free carbohydrate and can be extra good if your dog tends to have an upset stomach, as cooked rice can soothe the gastrointestinal tract.
Fresh dog food with rice is gluten-free, so if your dog has a gluten allergy, it can still eat MÆT s Risotto dog meals.

If you do not want to feed with grain, MÆT s Deli recipes are a good and healthy alternative. The deli products are grain and gluten free, and especially good for dogs that need to lose weight due to the lower content of carbohydrates.

What is the difference between Deli and Risotto dog food?

  • MÆT Deli does not contain grains or gluten. They have a low carbohydrate percentage, and are especially suitable for dogs that need to take care of their weight.
  • MÆT Risotto contains rice, but is gluten-free. Rice is good for creating a good and healthy balance in dogs’ gastrointestinal system.

Both Deli and Risotto are made from fresh Nordic ingredients. They are free of preservatives, dyes and flavors. Only extra vitamins and minerals have been added.

What about feeding a puppy?

Can puppies eat SAT of fresh dog food?

Yes. However, puppies have special dietary needs, so you should supplement their diet with
a dietary supplement

Your puppy can eat MÆT Deli meals from 4 weeks old. Once your puppy is 8 weeks old, they can also eat MÆT Risotto meals.

How much MEAT should my puppy have?

Your puppy should have 5-8% of its own body weight. Remember to keep an eye on your puppy’s weight so you can adjust the feeding accordingly.

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