skånekost til hunde

Gentle food for dogs

If your four-legged friend has problems with vomiting or diarrhea, gentle food for dogs can be a good aid.

Vomiting and diarrhea occur due to irritation or inflammation of the stomach and / or intestines. Dogs tend to eat everything outside that they should not, and therefore it is not uncommon for them to vomit or have an upset stomach. However, it can also be a sign of something serious, e.g. that the dog has an illness or has been infected with a virus / bacterium, so they must be treated by the vet. Diarrhea or vomiting can also be caused by the dog getting the wrong food, which causes digestive problems. In this article, we discuss how gentle food can help your dog.

Should you contact the vet?

Basically, you should not be worried if your dog has a bad stomach or has vomited a single time, but otherwise behaves normally and is in a good mood. Make sure your dog gets plenty of water. It may be a good idea to call your veterinarian for safety. The vet will also be able to guide you on gentle food for dogs.

You should always go to the vet if the dog’s diarrhea continues for a long time, if the dog vomits several times, if there is blood in the dog’s vomit / feces, if the dog is very lethargic or tired, if it does not want to drink or eat itself, if it cannot hold fluid if it has eaten something that can get stuck, if it has a bloated stomach, or if it seems to have a stomach ache.

If you have a puppy / young dog or senior dog, you should go to the vet immediately, even if the dog seems healthy.

What is gentle food for dogs?

Gentle food for dogs is food that is easy to digest and that helps to create balance in the dog’s gastrointestinal system. It is therefore effective for dogs who have diarrhea or vomiting.

Dietary foods should provide energy to the body, which comes in the form of carbohydrates such as pasta or cooked rice. At the same time, there must be good proteins in it, which are easy to digest, and here chicken or cod roe is good. There should also be plenty of water in the food.

Skånekost can be homemade or ready-made. If you choose ready-made food that is ready-made and in good quality, you can make sure that your dog gets all the necessary nutrients.

MÆT Risotto – gentle diet for dogs with a bad stomach or vomiting

We recommend MÆT Risotto as a gentle diet for dogs with upset stomachs or vomiting. MÆT Risotto is fresh, high-quality dog food made from rice, real meat and vegetables from Nordic farms. The ingredients are prepared mildly by sous-vide, so the food is easily digestible. It is a balanced and nutritious meal that creates a natural balance in your dog’s stomach.

When a dog is unwell, it does not have much appetite. Therefore, gentle food must be extra delicious so that it makes the dog want to eat. MÆT Risotto has a fantastic aroma and taste that dogs love. The delicious, fresh food is stored in the refrigerator and is ready to serve.

Skånekost dog rice and chicken

MÆT Chicken Risotto is inspired by the classic gentle recipes, as it contains chicken and rice. This has our nutrition expert combined with healthy vegetables and nutritious vitamins and minerals, so your dog gets all his nutritional needs met.

If your dog can not tolerate chicken, you can try the variant with pork instead.

“I have put a sausage risotto on the freezer that I can pick up if my dog should have stomach problems. I will never stand and make gentle food with boiled chicken and rice again, the risotto is just superb. ” – Stina


What is gentle food?

Gentle food for dogs is food that is easy to digest and that helps to create balance in the dog’s gastrointestinal system. It is therefore effective for dogs who have diarrhea or vomiting.

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