Beef Sticks (5 pcs)

Beef Sticks are a natural choice for dental health! Dog chew bars provide a tough and light bite that offers sufficient resistance to the jaws and good dental dentition while mechanically cleaning the tooth surfaces. Thanks to its light weight, Bull Sticks are perfect for dogs that need to watch their weight.

Contents: 5 pieces Beef penis, dried from Poland.

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Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 20 cm
Hvilken type protein?


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MÆT Bully Sticks – Delicious energy bars for dogs

  • Pure Beef Penis: Our Beef Sticks are made from pure beef penis with no additives or preservatives, giving your dog a natural and healthy chewing experience.
  • Rich in Protein: These energy bars are a natural source of protein to support your dog’s muscle growth and energy levels.
  • Dental cleaning: The chewing process helps reduce plaque and tartar, promoting good oral health and fresh breath.
  • Quality assured: Our products undergo strict quality controls to ensure you only give your dog the best.

Why choose Premium Beef Sticks for Dogs

  • Natural Nutrition: Our Bully Sticks offer a healthy and tasty chewing experience that is rich in protein and free from artificial ingredients.
  • Occupation and Training: The natural chewing process helps keep your dog occupied and provides mental stimulation and jaw muscle training.
  • Better Oral Health: Regular chewing of Bully Sticks can help prevent dental problems and promote good oral hygiene.
  • Trust in Quality: Our commitment to quality and naturalness gives you the confidence that you’re giving your dog the best.

How to use our Bully Sticks for Dogs

  1. Give as Part of a Balanced Meal: Offer Bully Sticks as a healthy and tasty part of your dog’s daily diet.
  2. Reward and Occupation: Use Bully Sticks as a reward during training or as an occupation option to keep your dog entertained.
  3. Dental hygiene: Give your dog Bully Sticks as part of a daily routine to help maintain good oral hygiene.

Customer Satisfaction and Warranty

We are proud to offer the highest quality Beef Sticks that meet your and your dog’s expectations. If you’re not fully satisfied, contact our customer support and we’re here to help.

Buy MÆT Beef Sticks for Dogs today:

Treat your dog to clean and natural energy. Buy MÆT’s Premium Beef Sticks for Dogs today and give your best friend a flavorful and healthy chewing experience.

Product information

INGREDIENTS: Dry beef penis

Protein content 77,3 %
Fat 12.47%
Ash: 2.06%
Moisture: 8.1%


INSTRUCTIONS: Reduce to smaller pieces or serve as is. The dog should always be supervised during feeding and have access to water.

STORAGE: Dry at room temperature.

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