Chicken Belly

MÆT Chicken Belly are 100% natural, healthy snacks made from dried chicken stomach and especially good as exercise treats.

The chicken belly has an intense taste and smell that your dog will love, but which is mild to the human nose.

MÆT Chicken Belly can be used as a healthy reward, a delicious snack or for better dental hygiene.

  • 100% natural, Nordic quality talk
  • Nothing artificial, just pure chicken
  • Low fat and high in protein
  • Effective training treats, especially for track / search

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sunde godbidder

Healthy treats – reward your dog with a clear conscience

With our healthy and low-fat treats, you can reward your dog with a clear conscience. MÆT Chicken Belly is a nutritious protein source with a very low fat content – in fact, they are our most low-fat snacks (only 6.3%) – and dogs of all sizes will enjoy these healthy treats.

Chicken is a great way to give your dog protein, and chicken belly is one of the most protein-rich parts of chicken. That’s why MÆT Chicken Belly is also one of our snacks that has the highest protein content (79%) – and it is in a completely natural way.

Chicken stomach is also rich in natural vitamins and minerals, i.a. Vitamin B12, iron and zinc.

Effective and aromatic training treats

If you are looking for training treats for your dog, MÆT Chicken Belly is an obvious choice, as these are our most aromatic snacks. When you want to motivate your four-legged friend to do something, the reward should taste and smell extra good.

The intense and delicious aroma in Chicken Belly is a fantastic source of motivation, especially for training in searching / tracking. The more aromatic a snack is, the more focused your dog will be when it comes to using its snout to find it.

For us humans, the dried chicken stomach does not smell of much, but dogs have a much better sense of smell and they LOVE the intense smell and taste. Save Chicken Belly training treats in the most challenging places – your dog’s snout should probably track down to them!

Chicken Belly snacks are not greasy to the touch, so you can easily take them on the walk or to the workout.

grain-free treats for dogs

Grain-free treats for dogs that have allergies or delicate stomachs

With these grain-free treats for dogs, you can reward the doggie without worrying. Natural snacks are the safest choice when it comes to allergies.

MÆT Chicken Belly is both grain-free and gluten-free, as the only ingredient is pure chicken. They are therefore good as grain-free treats for dogs suffering from allergies – or for dogs whose owners want to prevent allergies.

In addition, Chicken Belly snacks are easy to digest, and then they help clean the dog’s bits when it chews in the dried chicken meat.

MÆT Homestyle snacks

Chicken Belly is part of the MÆT “Homestyle” series , which consists of natural, oven-baked dog snacks. Each snack variant contains only one ingredient: Delicious, Nordic chicken.

There is no need for additives or anything artificial, as the high quality of the chicken meat gives lots of natural taste and aroma. All we have done is dry it in the oven so that each snack becomes nicely crispy. The treats are packed in a resealable bag, which is easy to take with you on a walk or for dog training.

✅ 100% natural, dried chicken
✅ High quality Nordic ingredients
✅ Grain-free and gluten-free
✅ No additives or preservatives

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Product information

INGREDIENTS: Dried chicken stomach.

Protein 79%
Fat 6.3%


INSTRUCTIONS: Reduce to smaller pieces or serve as is. The dog should always be supervised during feeding and have access to water.

STORAGE: Dry at room temperature.

MÆT Chicken Belly

Questions and answers about MÆT Chicken Belly

Kan MÆT Chicken Belly bruges som træningsgodbidder?

Ja, helt bestemt. MÆT Chicken Belly er oplagte træningsgodbidder pga. deres lækre, intense aroma. Du får de bedste resultater til træningen, hvis hundens belønning smager og lugter ekstra godt.

Kan MÆT Chicken Belly bruges som kornfri godbidder til hunde?

Ja, det kan de. Vores Chicken Belly snacks indeholder ingen korn, da den eneste ingrediens er tørret kylling. De er derfor gode at bruge som kornfri godbidder til hunde. Derudover er de glutenfri.

Hvad gør MÆT Chicken Belly til sunde godbidder?

De tørrede kyllingemaver er sunde godbidder, fordi de er 100% naturlige og ikke indeholder tilsætningsstoffer eller konserveringsmidler. Derudover er de enormt fedtfattige og proteinrige, og så indeholder de en masse naturlige mineraler og vitaminer – bl.a. B12-vitamin, zink og jern.