Slimming food for dogs

Slimming food for dogs is an effective remedy if your four-legged friend needs to lose weight. A fat dog can look cute, but the extra kilos can contribute to diseases that can reduce the dog’s quality of life and, in the worst case, shorten its lifespan. Therefore, if you want to give your dog the best dog life, you need to keep an eye on its weight and make sure it is getting the right diet.

Overvægtige hunde – Hvad er årsagen? 

A study from the University of Copenhagen (based on 268 dogs) shows that approximately 46% of Danish dogs suffer from mild to severe obesity.

The main reason for overweight dogs is very simple: The dogs get too much food (and possibly the wrong kind) and move too little. Many dogs do not get enough exercise during the day, and when the activity level does not match the amount of food, the kilos sneak up. As a dog owner, you may also be inclined to give too many treats because you want to pamper your dog. Senior dogs and neutered dogs are also at higher risk of becoming overweight.

Dog food for overweight dogs MÆT Pets
Dogs need to have enough exercise.

Is my dog overweight?

So how do you find out if your dog is overweight? A rule of thumb for overweight dogs is that they weigh 15% more than their ideal weight. The optimal weight for a dog is different depending on the breed, so here you have to use Google or ask your vet for advice.

If you look or feel your dog, you can also get a good indication of whether it is overweight. On a dog of normal weight you should be able to feel its ribs and there should be a clear waist when looking at the dog from above.

Go to the vet first

If your dog is overweight, we recommend that you take it to the vet before you start changing its exercise habits and buying slimming food for dogs. That way, you can get checked that the overweight is not due to an illness or the like. The vet can also guide you on what your dog’s ideal weight should be, how long it will take approximately to reach it, and how much exercise your dog should get.

Keep in mind that dogs – like humans – do not benefit from losing too much weight too quickly. It must be done at the right pace and in a healthy way. Once you have been given the green light by the vet, you can start finding slimming food for dogs.

How to choose the right slimming food for dogs

To lose weight, your dog’s daily energy / calorie intake must be reduced, and here diet food for dogs comes into the picture. If you choose a good quality slimming food, you can make sure that your dog still gets the necessary nutrients while losing weight.

When a dog gets less food than it usually does, hunger can occur. Therefore, you should choose a diet that still provides a sufficient feeling of satiety. A good slimming food for dogs also has a low content of fat and calories, so the dog can afford to eat more of it. That way, your dog can lose weight gradually without feeling like he is getting much less food.

It is not only the quantity that is important – it is also the content of the food. Our philosophy for a good diet for dogs is: Eat less and eat better. One can compare it to if we humans eat healthy and delicious quality food instead of McDonalds. Dogs also do not benefit from junk food (eg high-processed dry food) and take on that kind of food much faster. If they instead get quality food with the right ingredients, they will live a healthier and happier life.

MÆT Deli – Hundefoder til overvægtige hunde

For your dog’s weight loss, we recommend MÆT Deli. MÆT is fresh, high-quality dog food, made from real meat and vegetables from Nordic farms. The Deli products are low-calorie with a very low fat content, which makes them suitable as dog food for overweight dogs.

Slimming food dog MÆT Pets
MÆT Chicken Deli

Saturation and delicious taste of the diet

MÆT Deli has a delicious taste and aroma that dogs love. When you feed with MÆT Deli, your dog can lose weight without compromising on the taste experience. The dog also avoids starvation on the diet, as the food gives a good feeling of satiety. Your dog can afford to eat more, thanks to the healthy quality ingredients.

MÆT is a complete meal that contains all the nutrients your dog needs. The ingredients are prepared mildly by sous-vide, so the dog’s body has an easier time absorbing the food. The fresh meals are kept refrigerated and ready for serving.

MÆT Deli can also be used as maintenance food after the diet, so your dog can keep his new weight.

Try MÆT Fresh dog food and experience the effect on your own dog. With our sample package, you can have 4 MÆT sausages delivered so that your dog can find his favorite. Free delivery, right to your door.

Gratis levering. Ingen binding.

Slimming food for dogs - MÆT Pets
MÆT Deli is available with chicken or pork.

Frequently asked questions about slimming food for dogs

How much should my dog weigh?

How much your dog should weigh depends on its breed. Each dog breed has an ideal weight and you can search for each one online. However, the ideal weight of each breed can fluctuate a lot, and it may therefore be a good idea to ask the vet for advice.

When is a dog too fat?

As a rule of thumb, a dog is too fat (ie overweight) when it weighs 15% more than its ideal weight. If you can not feel your dog’s ribs, and if it does not have a clear waist when looking at the dog from above, this is also a sign that your dog is too fat.

How to slim a dog?

You slim down a dog by giving it more exercise and less food. Be sure to feed low-fat and low-calorie dog food that is still filling so that your dog can lose weight without starving. It is a good idea to stop by the vet and check that everything is in order before you start slimming your dog.

Hvad er det bedste slankefoder til hunde?

Det bedste slankefoder til hunde er fedtfattigt, men har stadig masser af smag og duft. Samtidig skal det indeholde alle de nødvendige næringsstoffer, så din hund kan holde sig sund under vægttabet. Derudover skal foderet være af god kvalitet og give en god mæthedsfornemmelse. MÆT frisk hundemad opfylder alle disse kriterier, og hundene elsker det.

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