Bichon Havanais Dog Breeds that do not trap

Do you want a dog, but can not bear to vacuum and wash clothes all the time? So fear not! There are dog breeds that do not shed much, and it frees you from having to vacuum the sofa every day when you come home tired from work. Hooray!

Here are our bets on 11 of the best big and small dog breeds that do not trap.

But first a little background knowledge on why the dog traps.

Why do dogs trap?

Dogs shed because the life of the hair ebbs out. The hair life cycle reaches its end, and the hair therefore releases the skin and ends up on the floor, on the sofa or in the dog basket. This is completely normal and simply indicates that your dog is healthy and well. In some periods, dogs trap more than others, and they do so because they adapt to the weather. They change from the light summer coat to the heavier winter coat. If your dog is very indoors, it also adapts to your heated home, and you can therefore experience extra hair on the floor if you raise the temperature.

Why do some dogs trap more than others?

The primary reason why some dogs shed more than others is their genetics. Other causes can be stress, allergies or hormonal imbalance. In these cases, one will often see a poor coat quality, which reflects that the dog is not feeling optimally. It can be expressed through thin fur and sometimes areas that are bald. If you experience this, take the dog to the vet.

Do you, on the other hand, experience a slightly thin and dull coat? Then it may be because your dog is not getting the proteins, fatty acids, vitamins or minerals it needs. That means you have to change feed. It is recommended that you test new dog food for 8 weeks before you can start to see and feel an effect.

Many dog owners experience that their dog gets a nicer and healthier coat when they feed with MÆT Fresh Dog Food . The food consists of Nordic meat and vegetables, which have been prepared mildly and supplemented with healthy vitamins and minerals. A dog nutritionist has developed the recipes so that the food contains the optimal combination of ingredients. That way, you can be sure that your dog is getting what he needs. The food is ready to serve, it just needs to be taken out of the fridge.

Traps an allergy-friendly dog?

Yes they do. Even those dogs that are categorized as allergy-friendly dogs shed – however, significantly less than other breeds. Felling is often associated with allergies, and therefore it is said that a dog that does not shed very much is allergy-friendly.

The reason why you make that connection between allergy and shedding is because allergy sufferers react to the dog’s allergens, which are primarily in the dog’s hair and dandruff. But there are also allergens in the dog’s skin, saliva and urine. If you have allergies to dogs, the allergens are therefore unavoidable.

Small dog breeds that do not trap

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A poodle comes in many sizes. There is a small, medium and large version of the breed and many different colors. The breed is intelligent, active and agile. The dog attaches itself very closely to its family and is an extremely good family dog as it loves children.

A poodle’s coat is dense, wavy and reminiscent of the texture of cotton wool or wool. Since the poodle dog does not shed, its hair grows all year round and therefore has a need to be trimmed a few times a year, to keep its shape and have a nice, healthy coat.

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Papillon is a small and very active and lively dog. This breed loves to go for long walks, even considering its size. A papillon is a very effective mouse hunter and still has a lot of hunting instinct in him.

Papillon fur is shiny and slightly wavy. The coat is dense and without undercoat. To keep this coat, it requires the dog to be brushed thoroughly through at least once a week. It is especially important to brush on the chest, tail and ears every day to reduce the risk of lumps in the coat.

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is an active and attentive dog. It can be incredibly cuddly, but also playful. The breed is well suited for young first-time dog owners, families with children or the older single person.

What is special about Shih Tzu is that this breed needs mental stimulation in the form of games or alternative ways of providing food.

Shih Tzu fur is long and smooth with dense undercoat. It should preferably be brushed daily, where it is important to either cut or put the bangs up so that the face is free of fur. This dog requires a high level of care, and therefore some owners choose to cut it shorter for easier care and grooming.

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Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear is a confident and not least a real companion dog who attaches himself closely to his family. Coton de Tulear loves to be able to run free on his walks and appreciates being able to use his nose. This is due to its past as both guard, shepherd and hunting dog. This type of dog therefore needs regular exercise and mentally stimulating employment.

The breed requires that you brush it thoroughly daily, as the coat is cotton-like, soft and springy but thick. There is therefore a risk that the fur makes knots at the ears, tail, chest and between the legs. It is a good idea to get the puppy used to the daily fur care so that it does not become a struggle for the rest of his life.

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Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested is a lively and sociable dog, though mostly towards its family.

Chinese Crested is a type of dog that does not need the large amount of exercise. It likes new impressions, but does not need the long walks. Due to its origins in China, this breed is not particularly fond of Nordic temperature fluctuations. Neither when hot, cold nor wet. Here, Chinese Crested prefers to be indoors.

There are two types of this breed. There is the hairless variant, which only has hair on the head, paws and tail. Since the dog does not have fur on the rest of the body, it needs extra care. It needs cream and protection from the cold and sun. The breed is often seen wearing a blanket or vest that protects the skin.

The furry variant consists of underwool with soft hair. This variant requires to be brushed regularly.

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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso LOVES being with his family! It is contact-seeking, loving and wants to keep up with everything you do. Hence its curious nature is expressed. Combined with its lively personality, you will find a little game maker who loves to play and explore.

Lhasa Apso appreciates getting out and about, and very much so if it can be allowed to run around a bit in the meantime.

Lhasa Apso’s coat is smooth but hard. The breed sheds a tiny bit and requires thorough brushing several times a week. In addition, it requires being washed and blow-dried to keep a nice, healthy coat.

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West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is energetic, brave and damn cheeky in the charming way. It is always fresh to play and has fun with children. The breed is well suited to most family homes.

The West Highland White Terrier needs a big pile of attention and some exercise. The breed prefers to be able to run free, but… since the dog is very adventurous, do not expect it to come running when you call on it. It will be you who runs after it, because it has mysteriously lost its hearing when it gets excited about something exciting.

The coat is coarse with a smooth outer coat and a thick undercoat. The breed requires to be brushed regularly and to be trimmed three to four times a year.

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Curly Coated Retriever

This type of retriever is the most independent of all the varieties of the breed. However, it is still calm, reliable and kind to the family. Instead, it is reserved for strangers.

This type of dog requires that you train and work with it, of which it becomes very attached to this person.

Curly Coated Retriever requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. In addition, this dog loves to be able to go out and swim. The dog is therefore fabulous at picking up a bathing animal that you throw into the water.

From the neck to the tip of the tail, the dog is filled with small firm curls, which are located very close to the skin. Only the legs are smooth haired. The coat is designed to work in water and protects against scratches.

The coat requires no care, although the dog will benefit from being brushed and given a bath every now and then.

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Bichon Havanais

The Bichon Havanais is a gracious family dog. It loves to be with family and loves to play, even with children.

Bichon Havanais draws attention in the form of barking if it finds things unusual and is therefore a good watchdog.

This type of dog does not thrive on being alone at home for too long at a time as it has a great need to be with family and get attention.

Bichon Havanai’s coat is long, wavy and soft. The dog does not have much undercoat, so the best fur care is to brush it diligently to avoid knots.

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Yorkshire Terrier

In general, the Yorkshire Terrier is very happy to solve tasks with changing activities. It is an inventive breed that would like to please its owners. It is a sociable dog that does not require much attention or space. It is good at adapting.

The dog greatly appreciates moving. It likes to play with balls and other toys.

Yorkshire Terriers fur is silky and shiny. The coat requires extensive daily brushing to keep it fine and without knots. The breed requires washing and blow-drying once a month.

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Bishon Frize

Bichon Frisé is a very gracious dog. It loves everything and everyone, big and small. It is a nimble dog who greatly appreciates new impressions. It is a responsive dog that rarely wants far away from its owner. It thrives both in an active family or with the elderly.

Bichon Frisé loves brisk walks, but does not have a great need for exercise. So it is not this dog that you take out and run with. In return, it loves to be put in the bike basket and ride a ride. The new scents and new places stimulate it nicely from the basket.

Bichon Frisé’s coat is fine and soft. It has very light curls that require to be brushed out thoroughly so as not to develop into lumps.


The mentioned dog breeds trap less than other breeds and therefore your allergy will be reduced. However, it is very important to point out that this does not mean that the dog will be 100% allergy-free just because it sheds less.

In general for these breeds, they shed less, but instead require a lot of fur care not to filter.

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