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Your dog will love you for it!


Our fresh cat food

We use fresh ingredients, heat them gently and store them in the refrigerator until eating

All our fresh cat meals

MÆT 's fresh cat food is made from carefully selected ingredients, which we combine to be able to offer your cat a complete meal with the healthiest nutrients, delicious taste and good energy.

  • Pate Pate - Healthy cat food

    Pate Pate – Healthy cat food

    39,00 kr.
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Well-being based on research

At MÆT , we believe that pets deserve real, fresh food that makes a difference in their lives. That’s why we make our pet food exclusively using fresh, high quality, pure ingredients. All of these high quality ingredients mean healthier, more delicious fresh food that cats can not resist!

Delicious dried cat snacks

The natural and pure Nordic ingredients are roasted in the oven until they reach a crisp and delicious consistency. Completely without preservatives

  • MÆT Chicken necks for dogsChicken NeckChicken NeckChicken Neck

    Chicken Neck

    49,00 kr.
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  • chicken fillet MÆT PetsChicken FilletChicken Fillet

    Chicken Fillet

    49,00 kr.
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  • Training treats Chicken BellyChicken BellyChicken Belly

    Chicken Belly

    49,00 kr.
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  • Chicken dog treats MÆT Chicken BitesChicken BitesChicken BitesChicken Bites

    Chicken Bites

    49,00 kr.
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Cat toys for activating your cat

MÆT 's cat toys can be used in combination with our fresh cat food and natural snacks to give your cat an active and challenging day.

  • Lickimat MEET PetsLickiMat Tuff Buddy dog licking matLickiMat Tuff Buddy dog licking mat

    LickiMat Tuff Buddy dog licking mat

    99,00 kr.
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