Pate Pate – Healthy cat food

A unique fresh cat food, which is a good choice to support the well-being of the coat and joints thanks to its good omega-3 fatty acids. An improvement on normal cat food wet food. Suitable for daily feeding of cats of all breeds.

Pate Pate is a gourmet pate-style cat food recipe with pork and herring that provides your cat with great protein and essential amino acids. Herring is an excellent source of protein and vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids.

High quality fresh food is stored in the refrigerator. Fresh food is gently prepared by sous vide – a cooking method that improves the utilisation of the raw material in the cat’s digestive system. All MÆTproducts are preservative-free and contain no harmful additives.


INGREDIENTS : Finnish pork and organs, water, soybean meal, graham flour, herring, lime, salt.

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Herring, Pork

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Our philosophy is simple: fresh is best

At MÆT, we believe cats and dogs deserve real, fresh food that makes a difference in their feline lives. That’s why we make cat food using only the freshest, purest and highest quality ingredients.

The high quality ingredients mean we can make healthy, delicious, fresh food that your cat can’t resist!



Our cats deserve real, fresh cat food

In return for all the joy they give us, we want to make sure our cats are happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve created fresh meals that are easy to serve.

Our cat food contains real meat and fish of high quality as the main ingredient. This means better nutrition and natural fluid balance. We use ingredients from the north, and carefully steam cook all our cat food so it’s ready to serve.

✅ Great taste and smell – the cats love it!
✅ With all the necessary vitamins and minerals
✅ No preservatives, flavors or colors

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Cat food wet food MÆT Pets
Cat food MÆT Pets

It’s time for a new kind of cat food wet and dry – our cats deserve better!

The range of dry pills and canned wet cat food is huge, but we thought it was time to offer our cats better food! That’s why we’ve created cat food so fresh you’ll only find it in the fridge!

Packed with nutrition, MÆT fresh cat food gives your cat everything it wants and needs – and nothing it doesn’t. We have No fillers, no additives, no “meat powders” or preservatives. Only the very best for your little friend.

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A healthier and easier everyday life

Life as a cat owner is busy – we want to make it easier for you. Let us deliver fresh and healthy cat food straight to your door. While you have fun, we manage all the practicalities.

When you feed your cat fresh cat food from MÆT, you can feel confident that it’s getting the vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein it needs. Put your worries aside and have more time for lots of wonderful experiences with your little four-legged friend ❤️

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Nutrition information


Energy 5,2 MJ/kg
Protein ………………………. 11,0%
Fed/Fat ……………………… 6.5%
Residues from annealing ……… 2,0%
Lime …………………………… 0,4%
Phosphorus ………………………… 0,3%

Water content: 71.0%
Meat content: 32 %

Nutrition information

Benefits of herring in cat food

Herring contains the famous omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, essential for a wide range of biological functions: skin quality, joint flexibility, neuronal function and cardiovascular protection. These omega 3s would also have anti-inflammatory effects, useful in the treatment of pathologies such as asthma, arthritis, psoriasis and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Herring also contains vitamins A and D. Vitamin A is particularly involved in vision and fertility. As for vitamin D, it is extremely important; it is even attributed with hormonal properties. It is involved in many physiological functions (immunity, fertility, ossification, etc.).

Herring has a high concentration of selenium, a trace element whose antioxidant properties have been widely demonstrated. Thus, it would help prevent premature aging of cells caused by free radicals.

What are the benefits of fresh pork?

Pork provides your cat with animal protein and vitamins. It is a source of taurine, which is essential for the development of your pet’s muscles, brain and retina. In addition, pork contains vitamin B, which helps strengthen your cat’s immune system. In fact, vitamin B1 or thiamine plays an essential function in the mechanism of the animal’s nervous system. Pork also provides a high concentration of minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Organs are also included in this diet, which has the following benefits:
Liver: A good source of protein, copper, folic acid and iron: Liver improves the endurance and strength of our dogs and cats.

Kidneys: A proper vitamin B12 regimen that is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and brain of our little friends. Rich in riboflavin and iron, they also contain B6, which is super important for boosting immunity!

Heart: It is rich in amino acids and minerals such as selenium, phosphorus and zinc. Enough to strengthen muscles and improve our champions’ metabolism!

Benefits of soy sauce in cat food

Soy sauce has a high value of mineral salts and the presence of addiction with this sauce, so a diet containing soy sauce will be easier to feed to your cats. Present in cat food in moderation, yes, soy sauce is good for your cat’s health! It has several beneficial effects:

  • It aids digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices;
  • The lactic acid concentration in it strengthens the intestinal flora and the assimilation of nutrients;
  • Its sea salt content provides essential minerals and trace elements.

Benefits of lime

Lime provides your cat with vitamin C, which also helps reduce stress. It protects us from viral and bacterial infections, helps us absorb iron and its antioxidant action helps fight free radicals.

Lime is characterized as a supplier of minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and potassium, but also flavonoids and carotenoids. In addition to neutralizing free radicals, these antioxidants play a preventive role against inflammatory diseases, certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. It also provides essential fiber for good digestive transit. Lime helps detoxify the liver. In fact, by stimulating gastric juices, it facilitates digestion and promotes the elimination of toxins while restoring the body’s acid-base.

The benefits of high fluid levels

It’s important to keep your cat hydrated to prevent kidney stones from forming. Water helps with the elimination of toxins and accelerates cell division and renewal, increasing blood circulation and good exchanges in the body.

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