MÆT Dog Meal Box

If our dogs could choose their food, they would choose something with lots of flavor and smell.

MÆT ‘s fresh dog food gives your dog a fantastic taste and smell experience, so that even the discerning dogs feel like eating. As soon as the package comes in the door, your dog will be able to smell the delicious ingredients in the fresh dog food from MÆT .

Try a dog meal box with 4 sausages + 1 snack bag for 149, – without binding.
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Nordic raw materials

Fresh meat and vegetables

Filled with vitamins

Fresh dog food variant Pork Risotto

Single protein

High digestibility

No preservatives

Our fresh dog food

MÆT 's fresh dog food is made from carefully selected ingredients, which we combine to be able to offer your dog a complete meal with the healthiest nutrients, delicious taste and good energy.

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A satisfied (MÆT) dog is a happy dog

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Which MÆT dog food should I choose?

Risotto - Dog food with healthy carbohydrates

In the risotto recipe, we mix delicious meat with healthy vegetables and rice, so that your dog gets a balanced and natural meal.

The risotto meals with chicken and pork contain 59% meat and the high-fiber rice keeps the stomach in balance if your dog tends to have an upset stomach.

The Risotto recipe in particular provides lots of energy and is especially good for delicate stomachs, dogs with allergies and / or picky dogs.

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The two risotto varieties of fresh dog food
Grain-free and gluten-free dog food. MÆT Chicken & Pork Deli

Deli - A premium meal with lots of meat

Our Deli recipes with chicken and pork contain 80% meat and vitamin-rich spinach and seaweed to ensure a balanced diet.

Deli is our grain-free dog food that is especially good for dogs that need to take care of their weight, as it has a low fat percentage.

If you are looking for gluten-free dog food without grains and with a lot of meat in it, then our Deli products are the perfect choice for your dog.

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A taste explosion without equal


Your dog needs a complete diet

Dogs also need healthy and varied food. A complete meal, which consists of the ultimate combination of selected ingredients. That’s exactly what MÆT ‘s fresh dog food is.

Our recipes are gluten free and have no preservatives or dyes.
MÆT are clean meals made from healthy ingredients so your dog gets what he needs.

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MÆT fresh dog food varieties
MÆT a modern Wet Food dog
MÆT Chicken Risotto with chicken, carrots, peas, eggs and rice. We also make meals without rice.

What would your dog choose for himself?

Pure ingredients mean your dog has a delicious and healthy meal, every day! Looking forward to a …

Happy and healthy dog with one
✅ Balanced energy level,
Better digestion and more uniform bowel movements

Your dog will thank you.

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A healthier and easier everyday life with fresh dog food

As a dog owner, you want the best for your dog – so do we. All dogs deserve a long and healthy life and therefore it is hugely important what they get to eat.

You can feel confident that your dog is getting the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. Put the worries away and have more time for a lot of wonderful experiences with your best four-legged friend ❤️

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Albus and Mette

Questions and answers

What is the best dog food for my dog?

In general, the best dog food is made from clean and easily processed raw materials without fillers.

If you experience that your dog often has stomach or intestinal problems, then it may be due to the diet. Likewise, it can be due to a wrong diet if your dog’s fur and skin look dull or irritated. Bad breath can also be caused by a bad diet.

Feel free to consult a veterinarian so that your dog can get a professional assessment. Rash, stomach problems, etc. can also be caused by various allergies, and therefore it is always good if you seek advice and guidance from the vet.

Why fresh dog food?

MÆT’s fresh dog food is made from the best Nordic ingredients. There are no preservatives or added dyes and flavors. Fresh dog food is easily prepared with sous vide, which increases your dog’s absorption of the food’s nutrients.

Fresh dog food has a much higher uptake than other types of dog food. If you think your dog deserves fresh, healthy and flavorful food, try fresh dog food.

Can puppies eat SAT of fresh dog food?

Yes. Puppies, however, have some special needs in their diet, so you need to supplement with some supplements. When feeding your puppy, we recommend adding A38 as a calcium supplement and eggs as a phosphorus supplement.

When your puppy is 4 weeks old, it can start eating MÆT meals (Pork Deli or Chicken Deli) – these meals are soft and therefore easy to chew. Your puppy can eat SATISFIED Risotto meals (Chicken Feast Risotto or Pork Party Risotto) from the age of 8 weeks.

How do I find nutritional content?

Fresh dog food from MÆT contains the raw materials’ natural nutrients, and we only add extra vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog a complete meal.

You can find the nutritional content, such as protein, fat and vitamin content on the product pages. See all our fresh dog meals here.

Buy MÆT in several ways

Get MÆT s dog food from the best ingredients delivered right to your door or buy in a store near you. We make it easy to be a dog owner and your dog will love you for it.

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