We work with ambassadors , shops , breeders and veterinarians . Common to our partners is that their most important values are love, quality and professionalism. See who we work with below, and finally write if you want to collaborate.


At MÆT , we are so lucky to have some wonderful ambassadors who test our products and help spread the good news. You can meet them right here:

Requirements to be an ambassador with us:

  • You are a dog parent, not a dog owner. You spend all your free time with your dog and take so many pictures of your dog that it has its own Instagram. You enjoy supporting small companies with Nordic production. And you love MÆT ‘s fresh dog food.
  • As a MÆT ambassador, you are not an “advertising dog” at other dog food companies.
  • You take canon good pictures and video that we may use in our marketing.
  • You have a high number of followers that you can spread the word about MÆT to.

What do you get from us:

  • You get an exclusive discount scheme on our delicious fresh dog food
  • You are regularly sent assignments and help us spread the word about healthy dog food
  • You will be featured on all our social media and become a slightly bigger celebrity.

We have no binding, and you / we can terminate our cooperation at any time if it does not work optimally.


Find all MÆT dealers here . We are looking for more stores that want to sell our fresh dog food – write to us at [email protected] to hear more.


MÆT is for the quality-conscious breeder who wants to create the best start for his dogs. With MÆT you are sure that your dogs get the optimal diet.

You will experience results already during the first 3 – 4 weeks. In particular in relation to the well-being and general health of your puppies. The special prices make it possible for all breeders to choose MÆT .

Choose our delicious puppy packages that are obvious if you want to ensure that your puppies get the best possible start in life. The start that enables them to develop into healthy, fit and active dogs. And we are always available if you have questions or need guidance.

Send an email to [email protected] or call 8980 5155 . Then we promise that we will help answer your questions as well as make the right decision. A MÆT dog is a happy dog.

We are currently working. together with:

We are looking forward to hear from you!


Our fresh dog food is developed by a dog nutritionist. We want to collaborate with progressive veterinarians with an interest in dog nutrition. Write to us at [email protected] to hear more.

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