Fresh dog food – a further development of wet food

MÆT ‘s fresh dog food is a further development of traditional wet food. It has the same soft consistency and gives your dog the same benefits – plus even more! Fresh dog food consists of Nordic vegetables and high-quality meat, which has been cooked mildly (sous-vide) to preserve the nutrients. The food is packaged in sausage form, which is stored refrigerated. All you have to do is take the food out of the fridge and cut it out, then it is served.

✅ Great taste and scent – the dogs love it!
✅ With all the necessary vitamins and minerals
✅ Admissibility of 86%!
✅ Provides nice fur and good digestion
✅ No preservatives, flavors or colors

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MÆT a modern Wet Food dog
MÆT Chicken Risotto with chicken, carrots, peas, eggs and rice. We also make meals without rice.

Vores medlemmer siger...

Rex and MÆT Pets

Hvad ville din hund selv vælge?

Hvis hunde selv kunne vælge deres mad, ville de vælge noget med masser af smag og lugt. MÆT’s friske hundemad giver din hund en fantastisk smags- og lugtoplevelse, så selv de kræsne hunde får lyst til at spise. Så snart pakken kommer ind af døren, vil din hund kunne dufte de lækre ingredienser i den friske hundemad fra MÆT.

Mange af vores medlemmer oplever, at deres hund bl.a. bliver gladere, får bedre fordøjelse, flottere pels, mindre og mere ensartet afføring. Derudover har MÆT’s hundemad et lavere energiindhold end meget andet hundefoder, så din hund kan spise en større portion for mindre kalorier. Det gør det nemmere at forhindre overvægt hos en madglad hund.

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A healthier and easier everyday life

Life as a dog owner is busy – we want to make it easier for you. Let us deliver fresh and healthy dog food directly to your door so you can spend more time with your dog. While you have fun, we manage all the practicalities.

As a dog owner, you want the best for your dog – so do we. All dogs deserve a long and healthy life and therefore it is hugely important what they get to eat. When you give your dog fresh dog food from MÆT , you can feel confident that it is getting the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins. Put the worries away and have more time for a lot of wonderful experiences with your best four-legged friend ❤️

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Albus and Mette

Our fresh dog food

chicken feast ingredients maet tall | MÆT Pets

Chicken Risotto

Keeps the dog's stomach in balance

Chicken (59%) (meat, skin, organs), rice, water, carrot, eggs, peas, vitamins and minerals.

👍 For delicate stomachs
👍 Allergy friendly
👍 Healthy proteins
👍 High in fiber
👍 Lowers cholesterol

pork party tall maet | MÆT Pets

Pork Risotto

Good for active and sports dogs

Pork and organs (53%), water, rice, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, potato fiber, vitamins and minerals.

👍 Healthy Carbohydrates
👍 High energy content
👍 Essential fatty acids
👍 Supports bones, nerves, heart function & colon

Chicken Deli

Chicken Deli

Particularly suitable for dogs that need to take care of the weight

Chicken (80%) (meat, skin, organs), water, spinach (5%), pork gelatin, pea flour, potato fiber, seaweed (1%), vitamins and minerals.

👍 Weight balance
👍 Highest on protein
👍 Lowest on fat
👍 Healthy intestinal system
👍 Supports the thyroid gland

pork deli tall maet | MÆT Pets

Pork Deli

Keep the weight off without compromising on the taste experience

Pork (80%) (meat and organs), water, spinach (5%), pork gelatin, seaweed (1%), vitamins and minerals.

👍 Weight balance
👍 Protein rich
👍 Essential fatty acids
👍 Healthy intestinal system
👍 Supports the thyroid gland

From dog parents to dog parents

As dog parents, we say “No thanks to bad dog food”. Our dogs deserve healthy and fresh quality food – just like us. Food is very important for your dog’s health.

We started MÆT because our dog Lenni had become accustomed to freshly produced dog food when we lived abroad and we could feel the food’s positive effect on him. At home in Denmark, we could not find fresh dog food in some places, and therefore we took matters into our own hands.

We started MÆT in the summer of 2020, and a little over a year later, more than 1000 Danish dogs smear a fresh, nutritious and healthy meal every single day.

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Gratis ressourcer om hundemad

Det er ikke foderets konsistens eller form, der er vigtigst – det er selve indholdet. Læs mere om sund hundeernæring

Questions and answers

Why should I choose fresh dog food?

MÆT’s fresh dog food is made from the best Nordic ingredients. There are no preservatives or added dyes and flavors. Fresh dog food is easily prepared with sous vide, which increases your dog’s absorption of the food’s nutrients.

Fresh dog food has a much higher uptake than other types of dog food, so if you think your dog deserves fresh, healthy and flavorful food then try fresh dog food.

How do I find nutritional content?

Fresh dog food from MÆT contains the raw materials’ natural nutrients, and we only add extra vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog a complete meal.

You can find the nutritional content, such as protein, fat and vitamin content on the product pages. Read e.g. about Chicken Risotto’s nutritional content here.

What is the difference between Deli and Risotto dog food?

  • MÆT Deli does not contain grains or gluten. They have a low carbohydrate percentage, and are especially suitable for dogs that need to take care of their weight. If you do not want to feed with grain, MÆT s Deli recipes are a good and healthy alternative. The deli products are grain and gluten free, and especially good for dogs that need to lose weight due to the lower content of carbohydrates.
  • MÆT Risotto contains rice, but is gluten-free. Rice is a healthy, gluten-free carbohydrate and can be extra good if your dog tends to have an upset stomach, as cooked rice can soothe the gastrointestinal tract. Fresh dog food with rice is gluten-free, so if your dog has a gluten allergy, it can still eat MÆT s Risotto dog meals.

Both Deli and Risotto are made from fresh Nordic ingredients. They are free of preservatives, dyes and flavors. Only extra vitamins and minerals have been added.

Buy MÆT in several ways

Get MÆT s dog food from the best ingredients delivered right to your door or buy in a store near you. We make it easy to be a dog owner and your dog will love you for it.

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